The school also gives students the chance to study abroad.

To accomplish this objective, the school established programs that aid students in reaching their educational and career goals , while also offering services to the community. 1241 – the Mongol Invasion of Europe. These principles are embodied in the school’s interdisciplinary master’s program that blends historical environmental, philosophical as well as theological, cultural psychological, as well as political perspectives. In the middle of the 13th century during the middle of the 13th century the "Golden Horde" comprised of grandson of Genghis Khan, roared through Russia in the middle of 13th century, and Eastern Europe sacking cities along the route. Students can further develop what they’ve learned in class by using the Prescott College’s literary magazine, the media center and an independent newspaper. Confronted by the formidable Mongol forces and the Mongols, Central European princes temporarily put their regional conflicts to defend their territories.

Since 1917 since its founding, The University of Alaska Fairbanks has focused on five main themes–educate prepare, research Engage, Connect, and Prepare–designed to equip students with the knowledge for pursuing the career they want to pursue. While the Mongols were slowly driven eastward however, they dominated the outskirts of Europe up to the 16th century. These values are included in the college’s bachelor’s program in historical studies, which offers students a broad knowledge of the field. 1362 – Lithuania. Alongside the mandatory coursework students are able to take capstone classes which help them understand the material of the department via lectures and seminar discussions.

Presently, Lithuania is one of Europe’s smallest states and yet, in the middle of the ages, it was among the biggest countries on the continent. Students are required to write the senior thesis on original research in order to complete their degree. A crucial moment for Lithuania occurred following an impressive victory in the Battle of Blue Waters. The University of Memphis offers undergraduate and graduate level history degrees that are able to be completed completely online. This victory was a stifle to the growth of the Golden Horde, and also brought modern-day Ukraine within its area of influence. For the bachelor’s degree students develop a deeper understanding of historical individuals, events and movements, in addition to the ability to evaluate the data and place it in the proper context.

1648 – Kleinstaaterei. For graduate students The school offers an online master’s degree and traditional doctoral degrees that build upon the students’ prior historical knowledge as well as enhancing their research abilities. The fall of the Holy Roman Empire highlights the stark territorial dispersion in Germany as well as the neighboring regions during a time known as Kleinstaaterei . Graduate students interested in Egyptology are also able to focus their studies in this subject, with permission from the department. While nation states that were coherent developed around it, they Holy Roman Empire and its remnants didn’t come together until Germany was able to emerge from the chaos that was the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. Columbia College offers a history bachelor’s program that provides students the opportunity to build analytical, critical thinking and writing skills, as well as speaking and problem-solving abilities as they are exposed to historic instances.

Unification has helped establish Germany as an important power and by 1900, Germany had the highest GDP in Europe. Courses offered include topics including imperial Russia as well as females and the gender of American the past, Missouri history, philosophy of revolution, as well as modern Japan. 1919 The year 1919. The school also provides the opportunity to intern where students can work from 45 to 135 hours during the course of a semester, to apply the lessons they’ve learned in class to real-world scenarios.

Ottoman Empire. Students who finish this program can go on to be pursuing careers in the fields of lobbying, television as well as education, social work genealogy, journalism, or public relations. The Ottoman Empire, which was a fixture of Eastern Europe for hundreds of years, was in the waning stages in the early 20th century. Students in Dickinson State’s bachelor’s essay program in the field of history study the economic, social, cultural, and political implications of events from the past. The empire had renounced its territories in two wars that cost millions of dollars to Italy in the Balkan and Italian Balkan states. The program also helps students conduct research that is original, develop persuasive arguments, and make use of historical data to debate the events of the past. By the time the dust had cleared after WWI, the boundaries of the nation newly created of Turkey were at the very border of the continent of Europe.

Alongside the general history degree, the college offers a history degree to those who are interested in pursuing teaching positions. 1942 – Expansion and contraction of Germany. Students attend history classes while studying how to apply the principles of teaching to specific content to the field of history. At the farthest point of Axis territorial boundaries during World War II, Germany and Italy were the dominant power in a huge area of the continent of Europe. The classes taught by the department focus on topics such as world civilizations global economics, the development of political thought and North American geography. Below is a map of areas of influence at the time in Germany’s expansion territorially. The school was founded in 1887.

Following the conflict, Germany again became fragmented into occupation zones. Sterling College has degree programs that were designed to help students to adopt the Christian way of life and to educate students in their field of choice. This time, they were under the supervision of authorities from the United States, France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. In the end, the university’s history and administration department, working in conjunction in conjunction with Council of Christian Colleges and Universities and the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, offers a broad historical perspective that is built in Biblical principles.

Germany could not be rebuilt until the year 1990, when the decreasing Soviet Union loosened its grip on East Germany. Students in the bachelor’s program study how the development of history is determined by various factors like government, literature as well as religion, geography and sciences. 1991 – Soviet Dissolution. The school also offers the history club, that allows students to interact with their peers while taking part in events that enrich their knowledge of the past.

In the following decades after WWII The political lines of European map remained relatively stable — that which was until demise of the Soviet Union in 1991. National University is dedicated to giving students exposure to different locations, events and figures from history in ways they’ve never before experienced. Within a short time, the nation’s entire western border broke up into independent states. The history majors at the school learn argumentation, critical thinking writing, and research abilities through the rigorous nature of the department’s courses. As the dust settled there were fifteen breakaway republics. The first 2 years in the course, participants study mandatory courses in the classical and ancient worlds along with historical theories and methods as well as the American colonial history. Six of which were located in Europe.

Once they are upperclassmen students may choose elective classes in fields like African as well as Asian studies, gender and society, the popular arts, world communication as well as ecological revolutions. Plus: If you enjoyed the above video, make sure to take a look at this year-by year overview of who was the ruler of different regions across Europe. The school also gives students the chance to study abroad. These are the most popular Halloween costumes for 2021. The student experience at Norwich University, experiential learning is a major part of the learning experience for students. Mapped: Second-Priority Languages All Over the World.

In order to gain hands-on experience students in the History bachelor’s degree program offered by the school have been involved in internships with the Vermont State Historical Society, the Smithsonian Institute, the Sullivan Museum and History Center, and the Army War College. You might also enjoy. The school also offers study abroad opportunities throughout the world such as the CityLAB Berlin program that allows students to explore Germany’s history, politics and culture. Diagram Explainer The Caucasus Region.

In in the class, they will be taught about the Middle Ages military history, the modern China and Japan as well as more about the American Revolution. Mapped The 3 Billion Population That Can’t Pay for a Healthy Diet.

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